Nigel has a passion to see people come to discover and begin to use their God given talents and abilities for the benefit of themselves as well as their community.

He is passionate about leadership development and has for the past five years been involved in training and mentoring church leaders in the UK and Zimbabwe.


Nigel enjoys teaching and has had the privilege of doing so not just in the UK and his country of his birth, Zimbabwe, but also in Brazil, Finland, Holland and South Africa.

Naggib's passion is to add value to people by helping them discover their purpose and unleash their true potential. Born in Zimbabwe, a rue son of Africa, his heart beats strongly for the marginalised of that beautiful continent.

Naggib trained as an Accountant and holds an MBA in corporate strategy but turned his back on a successful corporate career to become an entrepreneur and a John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer and coach so that he could follow his passion to serve and empower people.